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I bought the wind clips because my brass quintet had an outside gig. Living in Northern Nevada, we can usually count on wind. But this day was extremely windy. Sustained winds must have been in the 25 mph range, with gusts in the 40 mph range. Your wind clips worked like a charm. I am completely sold on them and will recommend them to others.

Alan Catron, Dayton, NV

"Happy story:

Discovered these products on a web search last week. The Stand Clips and Playlist Holders seemed the perfect solution to some problems I have. I asked my university to purchase a bunch for the orchestra I conduct. They are a simple, ingenious solution. I will recommend these items to anyone. They are marvelous."

Mark Cavahaugh, Plantation, FL

"Product delivered quickly, and performs as stated."

Terry Lower, Ceresco, MI

"Played a gig today with the clips. VERY windy! Without them, we would have been lost. Very easy to use, versatile, and inexpensive."

Lawrence Seltzer, Fresh Meadows, NY

"Used the the music holder for the first time on Sunday, May 30th and it worked perfect! Held the music in the folder like a charm! Thank you!!!"

Donna Palmer, Cincinnati, OH

"I already love this product and I haven't even taken it outdoors yet!"

Vicki Bliss, San Pedro, CA

"I bought a pair of your stand clips at the Texas Music Educator's Convention last February. I was at a concert when the air conditioner turned on and blew the music off the stand of the clarinet player next to me. I pulled my extra set of stand clips out of my case and she didn't have a problem the rest of the evening.

The next time I used them was a few weeks later when I was working with a clarinet player from her new Klose book (remember how thick that thing is?). Her book kept closing since the binding was new so I pulled out the Musicmaide music clips and they held the book open. Problem solved.

Thanks for a great product at a great price. It's well worth having. I'm telling all my friends!"

Howard Galletly - Bishop T.K. Gorman HS Band, Tyler, TX

"We used them last summer and are about to use them again. They worked great! No more fear of my music blowing off the stands and into the Hudson River. You've added at least a year to my life. Much thanks. I'll continue to recommend you to all my buddies."

David Berger, New York, NY

"Used them for the first time at an outdoor Christmas concert last night. Worked great. Easy to move as necessary and stay in place when replacing music."

DCH, Dallas, TX

"Thanks! What a very clever, intelligent thing you have created. The carrying bag is a plus as well. Thank you!"

Janet McGready, Galloway, NJ

"As a working musical professional, I would like to sing the praises of Musicmaide® loud and clear! Not only are the products functional and important, the staff and customer service are impeccable! No more music on the floor!"

Jacques Lesure, Los Angeles, CA

"Great product; Fair price; Fast delivery. Who could ask for anything more?
I enjoyed getting the whole play-list of charts up and simply pulling each one out after we had played it. The leader changed the order a couple of times, but it was easy to adjust the sheet music. I'm looking forward to using them with the big band I play with on the low sax fronts."

James Martin, Munroe Falls, OH

"I used the clips for the first time at an outdoor gig on Labor Day. They worked very well. I used two clips on each of two pages on the music stand that were on top of an open 3 ring notebook. I was able to remove and reinsert the notebook and loose pages without removing the clips. Thanks for a great product! I think it's an elegant solution!"

David Savage, Vienna, VA

"I bought these clips to hold open perfect bound guitar tab books. I was so happy with the first pair I bought, I bought another set for my other music stand. I almost had my tab books turned into ring bound books by my local print shop. It dawned on me to do a search for a product like yours to see if it existed. I'm glad I didn't have to butcher my music books. Your product kept me from having to do that."

Jeffry Palmatier, Fenton, MI

"Love the [instrument stand] bag!"

Judy Beaston, Beaverton, OR

"Folks, I have a set of the clips, and they work like a charm!"

Ken Monnier, Sidney, OH

"THEY WORKED! My husband and I both play in a community band and we used them outside just days after they arrived. (They came quickly!) Thanks."

Karen Harris, Port Saint Lucie, FL

"This product is excellent. While I play the piano at home for my own enjoyment, the Musicmaide has made keeping both sheet & book music handy, organized and not falling down onto the piano. The Musicmaide fits perfectly on my upright piano, held in place by the ridge on the flat surface above the keys. I wasn't sure how it would work on my upright, but it fit perfectly and is attractive."

Marilyn, Kenner, LA

"I've used the Musicmaide [Portfolio] for about 10 outdoor concerts so far this summer, and it has worked perfectly, especially after I was told how to properly load the unit."

Ron Meyer, Dayton, OH

"Great product-thanks for the personal help and answers you provided before I purchased my MusicMaides [minnies]. I have had several fellow players ask about them, and I have referred them to your website. Thanks again!"

Charles Linderkamp, Minneapolis, MN

"Thank you for the online videos of how to use your products. VERY helpful!"

Bernard Perish, Madison, WI

"I was very impressed with your willingness to custom make a product to fit my music. Thanks!"

Barbra Folb, Pitsburgh PA

"I purchased a Musicmaide [Portfolio] just in time for the beginning of this summer's outdoor concert season and found it to be much better than anything I had used in the past. The more I use my Musicmaide the more I like it."

Bernard Robier, Baltimore, MD

"After years of chasing music at outdoor gigs, I found something better than clothespins or Plexiglas for keeping my music from blowing off the stand at outdoor concerts -- a Musicmaide® Sheet Music Holder. It works well for one, two, or three page pieces on any size page, and the open front eliminates glare from the sun. It holds the music securely without making the stand top heavy. I always use it outdoors, and it works for an indoor job with no air conditioning and fans blowing."

Gary Salzgaber, Urbana, OH

"I bought a Musicmaide Gig Bag and I love it!!! I am a vocalist and I am able to put my music stand, my sheet music, my microphone, my clips and extra cords, plus lots of other things I need all in one place. There's nothing else like it on the market."

Mary Knapke, Sidney, OH

"I am very happy with my Musicmaide product. It has been helpful when my elementary choir goes places to sing and it is windy. I will probably use it more the next couple of months with the outside summer bands I play in. I have shown your product to many others in the bands I play in and they are thinking of purchasing. Thank you for a great product!"

Angie Ferrell, Cambridge, OH

"Outdoor concerts present one consistent challenge;Wind. Many bands and orchestras use wooden clothespins. Two drawbacks are, time lost unclipping and reclipping and image. They look tacky. We firmly believe that appearance is an important factor in any performance. Your wind clips keep the music on the stand and add the bonus of a professional appearance. Our Board of Trustees and our musicians enthusiastically endorse the wind clips.

Preparation is an important part of any performance. First, only the music for the program comes to the concert. Second, we stack the music in the order to be performed. Finally, on each stand, we open the pages of each arrangement stacking the music from last to first before installing the wind clips. As the first selection is finished each player pulls that music to his left removing it and revealing the next selection ready to play, without having to move the clips. The selection removed is folded and placed on the shelf under the stand. Time between selections is kept to a minimum and the music is less apt to be damaged.

Thank you for this product. Your wind clips have made outdoor performance much more efficient and pleasant."

Maestro Antonio Luigi Salvatori, CEO American Heritage Orchestra, Wheeling, WV
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